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Gillian Elliott

Born in Leeds

Lives & works in Scarborough, North Yorkshire


Although I was born in Leeds, My family moved to High Wycombe when I was only 4. I loved the busyness of living near London and the ease of access to all things cultural, but always yearned to move back up North. I settled in the midlands for several years while I worked as a trials officer for ICI, but in 1996 I accepted a job teaching at a school in Whitby, North Yorkshire, and moved home.


As a pupil entering sixth form, I was given a simple choice. Art or science. I loved both but chose the latter, and through this have enjoyed many years of both working in industry and in teaching. However, a passion for art never fades and throughout this time I continued with my drawing, painting and photography. 


My move to the Yorkshire Wolds sadly coincided with the loss of both of my parents, and as these things do, a re-evaluation of my life. After years of hard work and juggling commitments I feel blessed to be able to do what I love all the time, and am now able to combine my passion for both art and science in my work.



1984 - 1987 BSc (Jt Hons) Biochemistry and Zoology (Nottingham University)

1995 - 1996 PGCE (Open University)

2011 - 2015 BSc Fine Art (Hull University)



2012 - Woodend 'Yorkshire Coast College Gateway'.

2013-  Danby Moors Centre 'Art for Sustainability'.

2014 - Staithes Festival of Art

2015 - Old Parcels Office, Scarborough 'Coastival'

2015 - Pickering Art Fair

2015 - Yorkshire Coast College Degree show

2015 - Whitby Art Fair

2015 - Wolds Gallery 'Take a Break'

2015 - SAF Community Exhibition Scarborough Art Gallery

2016 - Danby Moors Centre 'Hidden Depths' (current)

2016 - Whitby Art Fair (24/25 June)

2016 - Artisan Art Fair Danby (17/18 July)



2012 - Snainton School 'Felt Making'

2013 - Dalby Forest 'Felt Flower Making'

2014 - Ruswarp School 'Basic felting and flower making.'

2016 - 'Bird making' Scarborough Art Gallery

2016 - 'Flower making' Scarborough Art Gallery


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